JDC Healthcare Management issues second press release about malware incident last summer

On October 7, JDC Healthcare Management (Jefferson Dental Care) issued a press release concerning a malware incident discovered in August. At the time, they notified HHS that 501 patients were affected — a number that typically means “We know it’s more than 500 but we don’t have an exact count yet.”

Today, they issued a second press release stemming from the same incident. In this notice, they indicate that they will be notifying HHS of the incident but do not reveal how many patients were impacted.

Nor do they indicate whether there was any ransom demand and if so, by which group.

This post will be updated if more details are released.

Updated March, 2022:  The number of those affected has now been reported to Texas as 1,026,820 Texans. Note that that is just Texans affected. We do not know if residents of other states are also affected.

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