(Jeb Bush) Do as I say now, not as I did then?

Chris Frates reports:

After news broke last month that suspected Chinese hackers stole the sensitive personal data of millions of Americans from the federal government’s human resources department, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush called for the agency’s director to be fired.

But when a human resources company Florida hired compromised the personal information of an estimated 100,000 state employees, then-Gov. Bush didn’t fire the contractor.

In fact, the state official who managed the contract, Bill Simon, is now helping Bush build his presidential campaign’s policy team.

Read more on News4Jax. Candidate Bush, of course, doesn’t see the two situations (the Convergys breach and the OPM breach) as comparable.

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  1. Billy Rubin - July 10, 2015

    Yeah. We don’t want nepotism, hacks and good ol’ boys (and girls) in politics. We need honesty and integrity. We need to elect… um, that is to say…well, there’s….and then we could….of course, there’s always….never mind.

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