Jeb Bush Redacting Sensitive Information in Email Dump

Shushannah Walshe report:

Jeb Bush’s political action committee are redacting constituent Social Security numbers (SSNs) that were in his massive e-mail release Tuesday and they are laying the blame for the blunder squarely on the state of Florida, noting they tried to stop this from even happening last year.

The potential 2016 presidential candidate released over 275,000 e mails in the name of “transparency,” but personal information including SSNs were left on some of the emails. Bush’s “Right to Rise” political action committee received them from the state in a similar way reporters received them last year thanks to Florida’s open records laws.

Read more on ABC.

Sorry, guys, but even if the state screwed up and should have redacted these records before releasing them to the PAC, the PAC should have reviewed the material before uploading it for public consumption.

But now that it’s clear that the state erred in not redacting SSN and some other material before providing it to the PAC and others, will the State of Florida send out breach notifications? Is it required to under Florida law?

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