Jefferson County judge issues injunction barring GoDaddy from hosting hacked law enforcement data

Jefferson County, Alabama Sheriff Mike Hale was apparently successful in obtaining an injunction against GoDaddy.

As previously reported, GoDaddy has hosted and registered sites that were involved in dumping the personal data of Jefferson County law enforcement employees and their families after hackers went after a number of law enforcement-related web sites.

I had thought Section 230 might shield GoDaddy or that there might be a First Amendment issue with prior restraint of speech, but as Brady Kriss kindly explained to me on Twitter, Section 230 doesn’t limit claims concerning intellectual property and under Alabama state law, hacking is an offense against intellectual property.

Russell Hubbard reports that not only did the court grant an injunction, but they made it a permanent injunction:

 GoDaddy Group, the Web development company that airs risque TV ads featuring women celebrities, has agreed to abide by a permanent injunction barring it from hosting Internet sites which publish information stolen from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s computer system.

Read more on  Somehow I suspect that despite GoDaddy’s rigorous and diligent attempts to comply with the injunction, they will be playing whack-a-mole here.

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