Jefferson County Sheriff Taken offline

a_3i2mycyaa3fsk Over the past weeks there has been an on going operation in Ohio that has got the attention of police finally. But the attention it has got is the wrong type and now the police, well a single sheriff has taken it upon himself to "hunt down" anonymous and KnightSec. As a result of this some hacktivist got together and now the Jefferson county sheriffs website has been taken offline after many hours of attacks on it the server has finally given up and is now timing out. The attacks appear to be carried out by mainly by two hackers but no doubt many others tuned in via what ever tools they had to use. > Love how me and @nazigods broke the servers at .. its still down oh the lulz @cyber_war_news — Dysomnia (@Dysomnia_) January 5, 2013

At time of publishing the site was still offline. It also appears hackers are now looking into "doxing" the sheriff for the comments made. Recently pretty much all of the Jefferson County voter personal details and voting records got leaked online.

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