Jeffree Star’s Private Info Just Got Hacked And Leaked Online

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again….. celebrities do not waive all their rights to privacy by being celebrities. And as I’ve also often said:  even “small” breaches – breaches involving one person or a few – matter.  Seen in my news searches today:

Jeffree Star was the victim of a data hack yesterday, after a member of staff at cosmetics store Sephora allegedly hacked into the YouTubers account and leaked sensitive information about his spending habits.

On Sunday, a twitter account allegedly belonging to a Sephora at staff member shared information about how many points Jeffree had accumulated at Sephora, as well as how much money he has spent there. According to the twitter account belonging to popular YouTube gossip channel Here For The Tea, the staff member attempted to sell the personal info too.

Read more on We the Unicorns. If the allegations are confirmed, this was an insider breach that Sephora must address forcefully and publicly so that all its employees know what will not be tolerated.

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