Jewish Life TV Hacked, Administrator Credentials and Email List Leaked

jltvlogohor A few weeks ago a hacker using the handle @Phr0zenM had announced an attack on the Australian based ABC website which had left over 50,000 personal credentials leaked. Today they have announced an attack on the Jewish Life TV (JLTV) Website which has left a small amount of administrator accounts and a heap of emails from what appears to be the sites emailing subscribtion list. > hacked for promoting Israel/Zionism, data leaked! #OpIsrael #Zionism is #Racism — Phr0zenMyst (@Phr0zenM) March 19, 2013

The leaked data was posted to pastebin with the following title " hacked for promoting Israel/Zionism" which is pretty straight forward and clear in its reasons for the attack. The website is based in American and claims to be the first and only American Jewish-themed channel with it offering news, sports and information services. The leaked data from the administrators totals 52 accounts and contains full login credentials as well as other personal information such as security questions and answers, locations, contacts and of coarse email addresses and users names with encrypted passwords. Recently @Phr0zenM has also claimed to hack the Bangladeshi police and data was leaked which contained 5 administrator accounts with login credentials and incomplete personal information. > Bangladesh Official Police website hacked/data leaked! #OpBangladesh — Phr0zenMyst (@Phr0zenM) March 13, 2013

So as we can see @Phr0zenM is starting to make a name for them self in attacking country’s with well known religious issues and even the ABC hack was and can be related to religion. Keep an eye on Phr0zenM via twitter for any further or upcoming leaks and attacks,

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