Joan Jett’s BlackHeart Records leaks thousands of files online

From MacKeeper Security Research Center:

This week legendary rocker and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member Joan Jett had an unfortunate reminder of how important cyber security and data protection is in today’s digital world. On Dec 1st the MacKeeper Security Research Center discovered Joan Jett’s BlackHeart Records leaking hundreds of gigabytes of data online. BlackHeart Records is an Independent label founded by Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna and has a good reputation as an established label with a range of well known artists.

he data breach is a massive treasure trove for fans and cyber criminals alike. There are unreleased tracks, never before seen pictures, even rejection letters from 1980 when Joan Jett was trying to get a record deal. There are also social security numbers of label employees and band members, internal memos and scanned checks of royalty payments and much more.

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