John Hopkins University School of Education enrollment data exposed on web

A file containing student enrollment data from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education was inadvertently left accessible online, according to a letter sent by ID Experts on March 18 to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

The file was hosted on the SoE server and contained data on students enrolled between 2003-2007. It was removed on March 8, when JHU became aware of the problem. An investigation into the matter revealed that the file, which was intended for internal use only, was accessed by a non-JHU IP on February 7. Personal information in the file included students’ names, dates of birth, gender, ethnicity, JHU student ID number, and Social Security number.

The total number of students affected was not indicated in the notification, only that 7 New Hampshire residents were being notified. A web site for those affected was created by ID Experts, who are also providing credit monitoring and other assistance.

Updated 8-10-10: The notification to Maryland indicates that 4,181 Maryland residents were affected.

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