Johnson & Johnson Seeks Access to Medical Records

newspersonalinjury blogs about a specific personal injury lawsuit but I mention it here because it raises a general issue about whether people should ever sign releases in such cases.  For what it’s worth, I don’t think J&J is doing anything most defendant firms wouldn’t do under such circumstances, either.

Johnson & Johnson has retained Broadspire, a subsidiary of Crawford & Company, the world’s largest insurance and claims adjuster to handle hip recall lawsuits and related injury claims, and gain access to medical records belonging to individuals affected by the hip recall.


Larry Nagelberg of Nagelberg Bernard Law Group warned patients that by releasing medical information to the company, hip recall victims waive their federally protected right to medical privacy, and that any information released to DePuy can be used as evidence in court against them. Nagleber warns, “It is never in your best interests to sign any forms or releases from DePuy as it may endanger your personal injury claim.”

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