Journalist uncovers hospital data breaches in France

Winston J. Maxwell writes:

An article published by specialist healthcare news website Actusoins  has revealed data breaches at several French hospitals and clinics, demonstrating that such incidents can occur even in a highly regulated jurisdiction.

The journalist was researching another article and entered the name of a physician into Google. She was astonished to find, at the top of the results, a scanned copy of the doctor’s prescription for a PET scan for a cancer patient whose name was still on the prescription. The journalist continued her investigation and discovered numerous other data breaches, including:

  • lists of patients admitted to various services in different hospitals;
  • a list of disableed adults and children; and
  • patients’ test results.

Read more on (reg. required).  It appears from the article that both Hopital Foch and Pôle de Santé du Plateau had web exposure breaches, as did other healthcare facilities who were not named because their patients’ data was still available on the Internet at the time of the article’s publication.

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