JP: Capcom confirms no credit card information was accessed during ransomware attack

Marie Dealessandri has an update to a ransomware incident involving Japanese gaming giant Capcom that was reported last year. The firm published its fourth update and a very detailed one. As Dealessandri reports:

In a long statement on its website, the Japanese publisher indicated that its “internal systems are near to completely restored” and that it’s working with a newly established Information Technology Security Oversight Committee to prevent such attacks from happening again.

Capcom identified the cause of the incident, with the firm’s network having been accessed via an old backup VPN located in its Californian office.

Having previously announced that the security breach compromised the personal data of 16,415 people, Capcom reduced the count to 15,649. It clarified that all online transactions “are handled by a third-party service provider on a separate system (not involved in this attack), and as such Capcom does not maintain any such information internally.” This explains why none of the data accessed contained credit card information.


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