Julia Gillard takes control of Australia’s cyber security

2011, the year of the hacker and hacktivist has pushed many governments from around the world to make changes to the national cyber security, make treaties with other countries and do an overall clean-up. Today Australian Prime minister julia Gillard released a "changes to the ministry" press release on the PM’s website, reading thru this i came across a very interesting section down the bottom where she states the PM will take control of national security and also take control of cyber security from the current Attorney-General’s portfolio,

Responsibility for cyber security policy will move from the Attorney-General’s portfolio to my portfolio.

therefor giving her portfolio’s complete say and control over whats going on. Now really this is just silly if you ask me, the cyber Security should be put in the hands of a set sector, not the prime minister. Its going to prove more harmful to australia’s security then it will help, but only time will prove this to be right and time is one thing governments do not have when it comes to hackers. So as of Th of Dec 2011, the new changes come in to effect, be aware Australia, secure your own data, do not rely on others, back up daily if you have important data if its accessible from the Internet or any network.

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