Julius ‘zeekill’ Kivimäki, former Lizard Squad hacker, arrested in France

Recidivism is a thing. Alexander Martin reports:

Julius Kivimäki, the Finnish member of Lizard Squad — who as a teenager in 2015 was convicted on over 50,000 counts of computer crimes — has been arrested again in France.

Finnish police confirmed the arrest on Friday in a press release stating the suspect is being held by French authorities while they “immediately initiate measures to extradite the suspect to Finland.”

Finland’s police service had issued a European arrest warrant for Kivimäki, who now goes by the first name Aleksanteri, on charges of computer-related crime and racketeering and extortion.

Read more at The Record.

For more on his 2015 arrest, see Daily Dot’s coverage at the time. Also see Brian Krebs’ reporting from November 2022 about Kivimäki’s alleged connection to the Vastaamo psychotherapy clinic extortion attempt.

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