Jumpers Junction, hacked and customer credit cards used

Jumpers Junction, a restaurant in Washington has become victim to hackers due to what would seem a major lack of consideration and knowledge for its customers information. The restaurant had been alerted to the problem by authorities after customers started making reports that their credit cards had been used unlawfully, after some investigation the police figured out that they all linked back to Jumpers, After alerting jumpers the owners admit that’s when they had first heard of it and didn’t have any knowledge of the incident. In a statement release by Jumpers accountant Carolyn Miller she has stated the following’ "As I understand, most people would be angry if their credit cards were compromised. However, they are not responsible for the payment. Those fraudulent charges need to be reported," Miller said. Miller said she, too, was a victim. After working with the credit card companies, Miller said she wants everyone to know their computer system is now safe. "Jumpers Junction is completely secure. We have taken every step to make sure that our credit card information is completely protected," Miller said.’ So as we see its happening pretty much where ever some one can get information and take advantage of it. All companies who have computer networks and store customer information need to take their own personal measures to keep security high. They have got to start to be self dependant and stop relying on out of the box software.source

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