Just weeks after Heartland breach, another payment processor said to be hit

Jai Vijayan of Computerworld has gotten more info on the as-yet-unnamed processor breach. In addition to getting confirmation from Visa and MasterCard that the breach occurred and that the window was February 2008 to January 2009, Jai also found a more recent advisory from the Alabama Credit Union:

ACU initially posted the alert on Feb. 17, saying then that it had been contacted by Visa about the breach and told that about 250 credit cards issued by the credit union had been compromised. An update posted two days later said Visa had informed ACU that a “lengthy list” of ATM and debit card numbers also had been exposed.

The alert said that fraudulent transactions had been carried out with some of the stolen ATM and debit card numbers, primarily involving $100 purchases of prepaid phone cards, gift cards and money orders from Wal-Mart stores. As a result, ACU said it was limiting purchases on all of the cards on Visa’s list to $99 per day while working to issue new cards to customers. Customers will still be able to conduct PIN-based ATM transactions at the usual dollar limits with their existing cards until the replacement ones arrive, the credit union said, adding that all of the cards on the list will be blocked no later than March 3.

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