Just when you think you’ve seen your share of stupid privacy breaches, there’s this one….

“Human error” covers a lot of breaches. Sometimes the errors are truly accidental. Other times, they are errors in judgement.

Kerry Campbell reports:

P.E.I.’s privacy commissioner says an employee of a dental office on P.E.I. disclosed sensitive, personal health information belonging to more than 1,000 patients, to a member of that staff person’s family.

The commissioner said in some cases the information, contained in emails forwarded from the dental office all to the same recipient, included patients’ banking and credit card information and results of medical tests.

And while Privacy Commissioner Karen Rose said the information could have been used to commit identity theft or fraud, in her report she noted police were satisfied the emails were forwarded to the recipient simply to prove that the staff person sending them was actually at work.

Read more on CBC.

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