Kentucky lawmaker files bill to help victims of data breaches

Mark Vanderhoff reports:

A state lawmaker said the Equifax data breach affected 40 percent of Kentuckians.

Sen. Morgan McGarvey announced proposed legislation to help those victims at the Louisville headquarters of the AARP.


The bill requires companies to provide victims with:

  • A free credit freeze.
  • Five years of credit monitoring.
  • Three free credit reports from each of the three major credit monitoring agencies.

Read more on WLKY, but frankly, I don’t think the bill offers nearly enough help to victims of breaches. If this bill is to help people who have already had their data stolen in a breach, where is the mitigation/help if those data are misused by the criminals? Who helps them reverse charges or clear their accounts? And where is the requirement that CRAs respond within X days to a complaint that there is an error in the report, etc.?

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