Kern Medical Center notifies 1,500 patients after records stolen from physician's car

Christine Dinh reports:

Kern Medical Center is sending out letters to 1,500 patients notifying them their medical records have been stolen.

KMC says the theft happened February 25.

A hospital resident physician conducting research printed out 1,500 records of patients who previously visited the clinic for valley fever.

The resident took home the records in a computer bag, which she left in her car parked at her apartment complex.

Someone broke into her car and stole the computer bag with the records inside it.

The records contained information, including names, health information and test results, and possible insurance information.

There were no addresses, Social Security numbers or financial information.

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An internal link on Kern’s web site on “Privacy Breech Information” (sic) dated March 2 says:

Subject: Privacy Breach

On February 25, 2012, a theft occurred which resulted in the loss of confidential patient information.

The incident has been reported to the Bakersfield Police Department for investigation and possible prosecution of the person(s) responsible for the burglary. Kern Medical Center has notified the California Department of Public Health and has sent notification letters to the patients involved. KMC will continue its education and training of all staff regarding the protection of confidential patient information.

Affected patients or those who believe their information may be at risk can contact KMC by calling toll free: 1-877-800-5530 for information regarding the breach. They may also contact KMC by e-mail at [email protected]. If they have received a patient letter, patients are asked to reference the code in the bottom right corner of their patient letter when contacting KMC. A copy of the patient letter is available on the KMC website home page:

I do not see a copy of the patient letter on their site, however.

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