Key Internet operator VeriSign hit by hackers

Joseph Menn reports:

VeriSign Inc (VRSN.O), the company in charge of delivering people safely to more than half the world’s websites, has been hacked repeatedly by outsiders who stole undisclosed information from the leading Internet infrastructure company.

The previously unreported breaches occurred in 2010 at the Reston, Virginia-based company, which is ultimately responsible for the integrity of Web addresses ending in .com, .net and .gov.

VeriSign said its executives “do not believe these attacks breached the servers that support our Domain Name System network,” which ensures people land at the right numeric Internet Protocol address when they type in a name such as, but it did not rule anything out.

Read more on Reuters.

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  1. Allen - February 6, 2012

    To be clear, Verisign, Inc. was compromised, not the Verisign security product lines that were acquired by Symantec.

    Symantec (my employer) was not compromised.

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