Kids tech camp iD Tech still silent weeks after data breach

There’s an important update of April 20, 2023 from NJCCIC:

iD Tech, an online children’s academy that offers a variety of STEM courses, suffered a data breach in February, and nearly one million records were subsequently posted to a popular dark web hacking forum. Compromised data includes 415,000 unique email addresses, names, dates of birth, and plaintext passwords. While this breach is not new, the NJCCIC’s intelligence platform recently observed nearly 600 of its monitored enterprise domain users are impacted, further indicating that many more New Jersey residents are likely affected by this breach. iD Tech customers are urged to change their passwords immediately for all platforms using compromised credentials and enable multi-factor authentication on all accounts where applicable. Additionally, parents and guardians are urged to educate children about potential phishing attempts.

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Zack Whittaker reports:

Parents are still looking for answers weeks after hackers stole the personal data of thousands of users from kids’ tech coding camp iD Tech, with some fearing that their children’s data was compromised in the data breach.

iD Tech, which provides on-campus classes and online tech and coding courses for kids, has yet to acknowledge the breach or notify parents.

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