KIPP: SoCal notifies parents after learning of GitHub breach

KIPP SoCal is notifying parents of a breach after a vendor alerted them to it.  In their notification, they explain:

On June 2, 2020, KIPP SoCal was notified of an issue involving unauthorized access to a data file containing certain students’ information. The issue was found when a vendor that we contract with discovered that our GitHub page containing the data file had an incorrect privacy setting, allowing our data file to be searchable within the confines of GitHub from October 3, 2019 through June 2, 2020.

The page may have been accessed seven times by individuals or robots during the time it was exposed. You are receiving this notice because we determined that your student’s information was among those that were accessed without authorization.

The student information was stored on a data platform called GitHub that KIPP SoCal and many other public organizations use for data management. The page containing the data file included student names, addresses, birth dates, race/ethnicity, primary language, and primary disability. Social security numbers were not included in the file.

You can read the full notification letter of June 11 here.

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