KR: Court orders online mall to compensate 2,400 customers for data leak

Depending on how long you have been following this blog, some of you may not remember the Interpark data breach in South Korea in 2016. I had covered it several times, including when it was fined $3.8 million (the largest fine up until that date) for its failure to protect consumer data from from what was identified as a spearphishing attack by North Korea.

Now, almost four years after the monetary penalty, Yonhap reports

A Seoul court has ordered a major online shopping mall to compensate more than 2,400 customers 100,000 won ($88) each for a data leak in 2016, legal sources said Sunday.

Read more on The Korea Herald. It may sound small, but think about how many U.S. settlements we see in big cases where consumers get much less money.

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