Kr: Hacker opens gaping holes in CSAT score security

As the investigation into the leak of college entrance exam results rolls on, prosecutors said yesterday that the computer server at the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, which administers the exam, had been hacked over 200 times. Not only the test results but also the institute’s internal information was stolen.

According to prosecution and police sources, a manager at a public relations firm called Inuni Co. whose surname is Kim accessed the institute’s server over 200 times between August 2007 and December 2008.


In this way, Kim downloaded 16 types of internal information from the institute. Among the materials downloaded were plans to grade answer sheets from the 2009 College Scholastic Ability Test, scoring schedules and the number of students who missed the test.

“Kim could look at the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation’s internal information by accessing the e-mail of seven employees,” a prosecutor said.

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