KR: Hackers arrested over data leakage

Choi Mo-Ran reports:

Authorities said yesterday that they have arrested three hackers suspected of leaking the personal data of 17 million people from 225 websites.

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency announced yesterday that it had arrested the trio, who stole personal data from Korean websites and sold it to loan lenders and chauffeur service companies in exchange for about 100 million won ($93,793).

According to the police, the websites’ security networks were not secure enough to prevent infiltration. The hackers uploaded malicious coding onto posts on online boards, gaining control over the domain once site administrators clicked on them.

The hackers told the police that they were easily able to steal the personal data since most of the websites didn’t encrypt the personal data of their members.

[…] The three hackers started stealing data in September from the websites of various organizations, including the Korean Medical Association, the Association of Korean Medicine and the Korean Dental Association, as well as from stocks and real estate service sites, the police said.

After that, the hackers turned to infiltrating online gambling websites.

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