KR: Personal data of 7.45 million Pandora TV users accessed by hackers

Yikes. How did I miss this one?

On October 15, Yonhap News reported:

South Korea’s video sharing web operator Pandora TV Co. said Wednesday more than 114,000 items of personal data were leaked from its webpage while hackers accessed some 7.45 million items of private information.


The leaked data includes user names, names, encoded passwords, birthdays, addresses, e-mail addresses, and mobile phone numbers. Pandora TV does not collect social security numbers.

South Korea’s communications watchdog said hackers accessed 7.45 million items of personal data over the cited period out of 8.7 million examples of data managed by Pandora TV, while 114,707 items were leaked.

The KCC said it has ordered Pandora TV to inform its users of the data breach to minimize possible harm in the future.

Given how much data theft/compromise there has already been for Korean residents, I’m not sure that this breach really adds much to the overall problems – problems that are so severe that there is talking of re-issuing everyone’s resident registration ID number (like our SSN).

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