Kuwait Banking System Hacked, Exploited, 3k Credit Cards Leaked By .c0mrade

.c0mrade aka @OfficialComrade has been leaking lots of exploits attempting to get the attention of corporations and governments, but so far this has failed. Today they have announced another hack/exploit which is targeting banking systems in Kuwait. As he has been doing over the past few weeks there is data released with this exploit release. The data contains just over 3000 credit card details, personal information related to them, but it has been censored so all the cards full details are not their and they can not be so easily used. The leak also comes with transaction logs from the bank and both were uploaded to anonfiles as text files.

NOTE! – This will be a short one. Security Issue & Data: Website: CBK.com / NBK.com / Any Banking Website associated with Kuwait – via Software Vulnerability. Our world is a subterfuge. We’ve given this planet plenty of times to expedite but it remains misinformed. Agencies are confound and they piss all over our burial sites. We aren’t mystified, folks It takes one mistake to shatter your future. Nowadays though, the Feds are cracking down on individuals who are on the lower sea level and they use them to get to the wiser Taskmen. If you’ve already got a hit of it, don’t stop, keep going, Until the End of Time. I’ve been helplessly staring off at all you savvy engineers. I’m disappointed. #AreYouReady? Database (Credit Cards will be censored) File Link: https://anonfiles.com/file/6f21ae497a225216a257411dc067ced2 Transaction Log: File Link: https://anonfiles.com/file/c9e31a6ce963f175f13349d8bf799f84

.c0mrade has also announced that they will be taking a few days off, > Nasir Bin Olu ‏@OfficialComrade I’ll be taking a hiatus for a couple of days – If you weren’t there to witness, check out: https://pastebin.com/u/binladen


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