LA: Abortion ultrasound bills wins final legislative approval

The Louisiana House gave final legislative passage Wednesday morning to a bill that would require a woman to receive an obstetrics ultrasound prior to an abortion.
Marsha Shuler reports:

The House voted 79-0 to send the measure to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s desk for signing into law. Twenty-six representatives did not vote.

Senate Bill 528 sponsored by Sen. Sharon Broome, D-Baton Rouge, sailed through the House with no discussion on what has been a controversial topic.

Much of the opposition eroded when a Senate panel stripped the bill of requirements that the ultrasound be placed in plain sight of the woman and that a detailed explanation of what was being seen be provided. The woman would also have been required to receive a photograph of the ultrasound.

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I don’t care how much they stripped out of the original bill. This is still privacy-intrusive, requires a woman to undergo a procedure that is not medically necessary and that she does not consent to, and wastefully raises the cost of healthcare.

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