LA: Customers at Houma buffet victims of $20,000 in credit card fraud

Maki Somosot reports:

Multiple customers have lost up to $20,000 after using their credit and debit cards at Houma’s Dynasty Buffet between June 26 and July 3, the Terrebonne sheriff’s office said. Detectives are still counting up the total combined loss.

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So your business accepts credit cards, but you don’t run background checks on your employees? Who foots the bill for the losses?

Two waitresses working at Dynasty Buffet that week are allegedly responsible for getting the credit card information and passing it along to the suspect, police said. They are also believed to have left the area after the alleged fraud occurred.

Foret said they have been unable to identify the women as the restaurant could not produce their employee records.

Dynasty Buffet manager Jimmy Weng said he keeps records for all his employees, but had been waiting for the two women to provide him with their information, as they only started working there that week. He said he did not expect them to leave after a week’s time.

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