La Verne teacher claims Kaiser Permanente nurse violated her privacy

Amanda Baumfeld of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports:

When stories about hospital privacy breaches turn into lawsuits, there’s usually a celebrity name attached.

Britney Spears, Farrah Fawcett and Nadya Suleman have all claimed medical staffs snooped through their confidential records.

But celebrities aren’t the only ones alleging violation of their privacy. A second- grade teacher in La Verne says she is the latest victim of a medical confidentiality breach.

Louise Steele, 56, claims a Kaiser Permanente nurse pried into her medical file and reported the findings to her employer, Bonita Unified School District, according to a lawsuit filed May 29 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Steele accuses Kaiser Permanente and nurse Lisa Martinez of conspiracy, negligence, invasion of privacy and emotional distress, according to the complaint.

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  1. Anonymous - September 27, 2009

    My medical record was being view by a nurse while i was getting a tetnus shot. I happen to get up and saw my whole history on her montor. I said is that my chart she said to me , your not suppose to see that. I said I’m not suppose to see it, thats my chart. I was so mad i was speech less.

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