LabMD gets another shot at defamation claim against ‘extortionate’ infosec biz

Jessica Lyons Hardcastle reports:

LabMD, the embattled and now defunct cancer-testing company, will get another chance at suing security firm Tiversa for defamation following an appeals court ruling.

The testing laboratory has long alleged that: Tiversa illegally obtained a 1,178-page computer file containing confidential data on more than 9,000 LabMD patients back in 2008; lied about the file being publicly available on a peer-to-peer file-sharing network and that it was downloaded by miscreants; and tried to use this alleged privacy fiasco to bully the medical company into paying for Tiversa’s incident response services to the tune of $475 an hour.

Tiversa has since been acquired by risk consulting biz Kroll.

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