Lamar County School District: 28 employees’ personal information exposed in data breach (UPDATED)

Jacque Masse reports on another breach that is linked to Innovak:

Some Lamar County School District employees’ had their personal information compromised after an employee portal experienced a data breach.

According to Lamar County Superintendent Tess Smith, the district uses a company called INNOVAK that allows staff to access their pay stubs and W2s through the internet.

Smith said the company experienced a security breach that affected several school districts in Mississippi and Alabama.

Read more on WDAM.  As noted in my coverage of the Escambia County  School System breach report, reached out to Innovak International on April 5, but has received no response to inquiries about their breach. A second request has been sent today.

WDAM reports:

According to INNOVAK, the breach was only related to employee W2s and no other information was accessed.

Smith said INNOVAK has locked down the portal, and precautions and safety measures have been put into place.

So how many school district clients of Innovak have been impacted by this breach, and how many individuals, total?

UPDATE 1: Later today, WDAM updated their story to name two other school districts that have also been impacted by the Innovak Intl breach: Marion County and Columbia school districts:

About 20 employees from the Columbia School District were affected. In the Marion County school district, 12 were affected.

In Alabama, at least three districts have been affected: Escambia County Schools, Dothan City, and Alexander City. More than 100 employees from those three districts have been affected.

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