Landi Renzo S.p.A. victim of cyberattack by Hive

Landi Renzo SpA was added to Hive’s leak site yesterday. The threat actors did not provide any proof pack but DataBreaches was provided with access to what Hive claims is 534 GB of files that they exfiltrated.

Landi Renzo SpA is an Italian-headquartered firm that researches and manufactures eco-friendly automotive fuel supply systems. According to their website, they have partnerships with the most prominent motor vehicle manufacturers.

“We infiltrated your network and stayed there for 11 days (it was enough to study all your documentation and gain access to your files and services), also we encrypted your servers,” Hive emailed the firm on October 19, the day after encryption was completed.

The data, which DataBreaches is not linking to, includes proprietary information of the firm as well as personal information on employees and vendors. Yesterday, Hive provided Landi Renzo with a link to Hive’s files on them so that they could see for themselves how much data Hive acquired.

DataBreaches sent an email inquiry to Landi Renzo yesterday asking them whether the attack was affecting their operations and what they were doing in response to it. No reply has been received by publication. From the update on Hive’s site today, Hive has seemingly given the firm until November 7 to negotiate or reach some agreement with them.

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