Laptop containing Northwest Territories residents’ health info stolen in Ottawa

Alex Brockman reports:

A laptop containing health information on people living in the Northwest Territories was stolen from a vehicle in Ottawa, according to a news release from the territory’s health department.

The laptop held comprehensive health data on patients in the N.W.T. and their health history. The computer was stolen from a locked vehicle in Ottawa on May 9.

The computer’s data wasn’t encrypted, according to the government. But it had a strong login password and there isn’t anything to suggest someone outside the government has actually accessed the data.

Read more on   Not surprisingly, this was not the health department’s first breach. The fact that we’re hearing the old “strong password” and “no evidence to believe” lines in 2018 instead of, “Okay, this absolutely should not have happened this way and heads are rolling as you read this” is not encouraging.

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