Laptop left on plane put pension fund participants at risk

On June 14, when a Verso Paper Corp. employee left a company laptop behind on an airplane, two documents containing names and Social Security Numbers of some former and current participants in the PACE Industry Union-Management Pension Fund were on the laptop. According to a letter (pdf) sent to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, PIUMPF had provided Verso with the data as part of a discussion relating to the possible merger of Verso’s pension plan into PIUMPF.

Although Verso promptly contacted the airline and airport security, the laptop was not recovered. It is not clear from the report whether the files or the laptop were encrypted, but on August 12, Verso reportedly first notified PIUMPF of the loss. With Verso’s assistance, PIUMPF notified those affected by letter on September 25, offering them free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance at Verso’s expense.

Because the report indicates that the company has no evidence that the information on the laptop has been accessed, it sounds like there may be some “phone home” software installed on the laptop.

[Correction: an earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the company as Verso Paper Cup].

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  1. ssaem5576 - October 7, 2009

    I think you mean “Verso Paper Corp.” I’ve taken a look at their site, and they don’t sell paper cups at all….

    • admin - October 7, 2009

      Okay, so maybe it’s time to get my prescription for my reading glasses checked. 🙂

      Thanks for catching my error!

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