Oct 142009

Stephanie Coueignoux reports:

Investigators are trying to track down a laptop stolen from a Halifax Health employee.

The laptop contains private patient information. Thirty-three thousand patients are affected by this theft.

While there is confidential information on the laptop, hospital officials said they are confident whoever stole the laptop will not be able to access the information.

According to Halifax Health, an employee left his computer in his car where it was stolen.

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  2 Responses to “Laptop Stolen From Halifax Health Employee’s Car”

  1. have been informed that my sons info is in the laptop which was stolen from a car…I have been a nurse for 45 years. It was illegal to take any information on a patient out of the facility any place I ever worked. All emmployees were completely aware of this being a crime. I believe that is still against the law.

  2. Hi Eva,

    It may have been policy (and a good one) not to remove information, but I doubt it was illegal. I can’t recall seeing any such law in any state and the federal law HIPAA does not make it illegal per se to remove info as I understand/understood it. Even with the new provisions from HITECH, it’s still not illegal to remove info from a facility.

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