Laptop stolen from Kennedy Space Center worker’s car contained personal info on 2,300 (updated)

13News reports that laptop stolen from a Kennedy Space Center employee’s car contained personal information, including Social Security numbers, on 2,300 employees and student co-ops. The laptop theft, which occurred outside the employee’s home, was reported to them on March 5.

And no, the laptop was not encrypted.

And why, oh why, are laptops with PII still being left in unattended vehicles? C’mon, folks….

Update:  Florida Today adds details on the data types:

By March 14, the center realized many more personnel were affected and more personal information was accessible than originally thought, according to Allard Beutel, a spokesman for Kennedy Space Center.

In addition to Social Security numbers, the information included names, race, national origin, gender, date of birth, contact information, college affiliation and grade-point average.

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