Laptop theft from JetDirect Aviation offices leaves thousands at risk

When JetDirect Aviation Holdings, LLC discovered that a laptop had been stolen from the accounting area of its Weymouth Massachusetts location sometime during the evening of February 2 or early morning of February 3, it wasted no time. The data on the laptop affected 1,576 current employees, as well as 651 former employees, and an unspecified number of shareholders, investors, and airplane owners. Although the laptop and data were password-protected, they were not encrypted.

Within one week, the firm was sending out letters to those affected and had notified (pdf) the Vermont Attorney General’s Office that they had determined the laptop contained information from 2004 – 2009 and may have included employees’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers (in whole or part), bank routing and account numbers. Shareholder/investor data included names, addresses, and Social Security numbers. K1 reports, aircraft owner identification information, and shareholder transaction information were also on the laptop.

JetDirect did not offer those affected any free credit-monitoring services.

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