Laptop with Bassett Family Practice patient data stolen from employee’s car

Brian Carlton reports:

The records from more than 500 patients at Bassett Family Practice were stolen in August, company officials say. On Friday, officials from the facility sent out letters to all of their patients, informing them what was included in the theft and what steps the medical practice is taking to prevent it from happening again.

The patient information included each person’s full name, date of birth, account number at the medical practice, identity of their insurance provider and potentially some details about the reasons behind recent visits to Bassett Family Practice, such as the type of sickness a patient was suffering from. All of that information was stored on a laptop, which was sitting in an employee’s car.

Read more on the Martinsville Bulletin.

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  1. eca - October 17, 2017

    #1 rule of laptops…IN CARS??
    You dont LEAVE laptops in cars…
    OR you place them in SECURE LOCATION AND OUT OF SIGHT, and Pray no one breaks in..and finds in UNDER THE SEAT.

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