Laptop with “sensitive material” on homicides stolen from DA employee’s car

Joe Eskenazi reports:

Car break-ins in San Francisco have reached epidemic proportions, and city employees aren’t immune.

Now it’s the Office of the District Attorney’s turn. Thankfully, it wasn’t a gun stolen from a car this time. But the item lost to a burglar or burglars is tied to San Francisco homicides.

An alert sent to San Francisco police officers this week noted that a stolen work laptop left overnight in a DA employee’s car contained “sensitive information related to SFDA homicide cases.”

Read more on Mission Local.

And don’t you just love lines like, “DA spokesman Max Szabo said that his office was in the process of drafting policy regarding the stowing of work laptops in cars prior to the theft.”  Right. I wish the reporter had filed under FOIA to see for how long they had presumably been drafting that policy. Because if the damned burglar had only waited a week or so, there would have been nothing to steal, right?

Why was the DA’s office years – and I do mean years – behind in having a firm policy in place already?

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