Laptop with some of Madoff victims’ data stolen

It just seems to get worse and worse for Bernie Madoff’s victims.

Now AlixPartners, the court-appointed claims agent for the liquidation of Bemard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC reports (pdf) that in late July, a laptop computer of theirs was stolen from an employee’s locked vehicle. The laptop contained historical information from 1995 and earlier which may include some of the personal information of up to 10 residents of New Hampshire and an unspecified total number of individuals.  The personal information included the individuals’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and/or  account numbers (which are now defunct).

Although the theft was reported to the Dallas police promptly, the police reportedly asked AlixPartners to delay notification until September 15 so as not to impede their investigation.   The laptop was one of several stolen from parked vehicles that same day in that area.

The company has offered affected individuals two years’ worth of free credit monitoring.

Update: Newsday reports that 2.246 investors were affected by this incident.

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