Laptops stolen from Albertina Kerr's Gresham campus contained information on 1,300 psychiatric patients

Eric Apalategui reports:

Two laptop computers stolen from Albertina Kerrs campus in Gresham may have carried sensitive medical information, including the identities, diagnoses and treatments for up to 1,300 current and former patients.

The burglary occurred two months ago, likely on Aug. 6, when someone broke into a single office at Kerr’s crisis psychiatric care facility on Northeast 162nd Avenue and took the computers and a flip-style cell phone.

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A notice, linked from Albertina Kerr’s home page reads:

Notice of Breach of HIPAA protected personal health information

On approximately August 6, 2014, thieves broke into Albertina Kerr’s crisis psychiatric care building in Gresham, and made off with several pieces of equipment, including two laptops that may have contained personally identifying information about patients, such as name, address, and date of birth, as well as information related to diagnoses and health care services provided at the facility. Albertina Kerr reported the burglary to the Gresham Police Department but the laptops have not been recovered to date. Albertina Kerr has no reason to believe that any information that may have been on these laptops has been accessed or compromised. The laptops were partially encrypted, but despite having engaged a computer forensics firm to assist us with our investigation into this incident, we cannot determine conclusively that information about individuals could not be accessed and used for an unlawful purpose. In an excess of caution, Albertina Kerr is offering to provide one year of identity security service for the approximately 1,300 people who may have been affected.

Anyone who suspects that they may have been impacted by this incident is urged to take steps to protect their personal information and should be guided by the Federal Trade Commission at:

Albertina Kerr is committed to maintaining the privacy of our patients’ information and we take many precautions for the security of personal information. In response to this incident, Albertina Kerr is reviewing and modifying its security controls to try to prevent this type of incident from happening again. Albertina Kerr sincerely regrets any inconvenience this incident presents to patients.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this incident, please call 888-276-0529.

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