Large-scale data theft fazes Finnish cops

From AFP:

Finnish police on Monday called on users of online services to change their passwords after nearly 15 000 user names and passwords were stolen and published on the internet.

“If I could get one message across to people, it would be to change your passwords, especially the important ones,” Timo Piiroinen of the National Bureau of Investigation told AFP.

Piiroinen confirmed that the 14 600 passwords posted online late on Saturday night appeared to be connected to a previous incident, in which the personal data of nearly 16 000 Finns were hacked into and made public.

“We have been told that some passwords match e-mail addresses in the earlier incident,” he explained.

Police are investigating the two indicents as part of a larger case of identity and data theft.

“We are treating both cases as connected,” Piiroinen said.

Source: News24

This is what happens after a database is posted and publicized. It gets re-posted all over and trying to remove it more permanently becomes a case of whack-a-mole. Then, too, once the data are out there, thousands of people may download it for future misuse. In this case, it’s not yet clear how much of the Saturday night dump was data not previously disclosed, but I imagine we’ll find out in time.

The NBI advice is sound: change your passwords, folks.

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