Lasko’s system may have been hacked back in 2011

Ouch. Lasko is notifying some customers of the Lasko and Air King web sites that on July 2, they became aware that some customers were receiving phishing e-mails. Investigation suggested that it may have been related to a hack of their system that exposed customers’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers and card expiration dates.

“Although most of the activity associated with this unauthorized hacking into our computer network appears to have occurred during March – June 2014, we can not rule out the possibility of unauthorized access to our network leading to the exposure of credit card information dating back to 2011,”  writes Edward V. McAssey III, Chief Operating Officer.  The meta-data for their submission to the California Attorney General’s Office indicates that the hack may have occurred in December 2011.

Those notified were offered a year of free services through AllClear ID, but there’s no indication in the letter how many customers are being notified.

Update: Lasko’s notification to the NH Attorney General’s Office indicates 87 New Hampshire residents were notified. We still don’t have a total, however.




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