Latest data breach shows updated details about Taiwan VP, top national security chief: hacker

Sophia Yang reports:

Following media reports of a massive data breach in Taiwan, the Kuomintang legislative caucus on Wednesday (Dec. 7) urged the government to act swiftly in collaboration with foreign governments involved to remove the data from the dark web.

In October, media reported a user of “BreachedForums” named “OKE” was selling the private data of 200,000 people, and the user claimed the data was only part of a total of 23,572,055 leaked data entries. The data for sale was initially believed to be hacked from the official household registration system, but the Ministry of Interior (MOI) denied the allegation in a statement, saying the screenshot data is in a format different from that in its system.

In the same statement, the MOI claimed the data was outdated.

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