Latvia State Employment Agency Hacked, 3000+ Accounts leaked

nva A hacker using the handle @th3W1n5t0n has just posted a leak of data from the Latvia State Employment Agency. The Latvia State Employment Agency ( is a government owned and operated site for employment services in the European country of Latvia. The leak was announced from twitter and posted to pastebin. @has also tweeted at the Agency’s twitter account taunting them about the breach. > @NVA_gov_lv Sorry, your website have been hacked. #Lulz Leak: — W1n5t0n (@th3W1n5t0n) October 7, 2013

Data from the leak contains 4 server credentials with user emails and encrypted passwords, 11 administrator credentials with user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords and 3077 user accounts with names, clear text passwords and email addresses. Reason for the attack has been posted as #AntiGov

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