Lawsuit alleges Tufts faxed patient records to workplace, without permission

Chelsea Conaboy reports on an alleged breach that reminds us that everyone’s privacy counts, and every breach – even a simple mistake – can have devastating consequences for the patient:

A patient of Tufts Medical Center has filed a case against the hospital and a primary care doctor there alleging that documents including her medical history were sent, without her consent, to a fax machine at her workplace.

Kimberly White, 44, of Middleborough says her at least two coworkers read the records. She filed a complaint in Plymouth County Superior Court alleging that her patient rights were violated. The hospital has denied wrongdoing.

While recovering from a hysterectomy in December, White asked Dr. Kimberly Schelling to fax a required form related to her disability claim to White’s employer. Instead, according to the court filing, four pages of White’s medical records were sent to a shared fax machine in the office.


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