Leak Reveals Iran’s Wildest Hacker Crew Stole 13,000 Passwords From 98 Organizations

Thomas Brewster reports:

Earlier this month, a prolific hacking group said to be sponsored by Iran had its cyber arsenal leaked. A bundle of tools and target information belonging to the crew, dubbed OilRig, were thrown up on the web for all and sundry to see, marking the most significant leak of Iran’s cyber weaponry to date.

Now researchers who’ve gone through the data dump claim the group was targeting 97 different organizations across 27 countries. Organizations on the Oil Rig hit list included government, media, energy, transportation, logistics and technology service providers. And along the way, Oil Rig stole 13,000 stolen credentials for logging into targets’ online services, according to an analysis released Tuesday by U.S. cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks.

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