Leaked image shows ransomware attack hit Linn-Mar School District

Adam Carros and Ethan Stein report:

Leaked screenshots show the Linn-Mar School District is dealing with a ransomware attack much more severe than the “technical difficulties” the district has described to staff and parents.

A staff member shared with TV9 screenshots from district computers showing a warning message stating “all your files have been encrypted by Vice Society”. The warning goes on to threaten to upload those files to the dark web unless the user contacts them to purchase a key within 7 days. The notice does not give the cost of that key.

Read more at KCRG.

The incident is not listed on Vice Society’s leak site on the dark web.  DataBreaches contacted Vice Society via email during the week to ask some questions but has received no reply. This post will be updated if they do provide any answers.

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