Lee’s Deli: breach of payment card system at two locations

As submitted to the California Attorney General’s Office, this notice from 
Sterling M Enterprises (dba Lee’s Deli):

We recently learned that unauthorized individuals installed malicious software on computer systems used to process credit card transactions at our Lee’s Deli locations at 75 Battery Street in San Francisco, CA and 4200 Bohannon Drive in Menlo Park, CA. While we do not know whether a particular customer’s personal information has been or will be misused, we are providing this notice as a precaution to inform potentially affected customers of the incident and to call their attention to some steps they can take to help protect themselves. We sincerely apologize for any frustration or concern this may cause.

Based upon an extensive forensic investigation, it appears that unauthorized individuals installed malicious software designed to capture payment card information (including payment card account number, card expiration date, and the CVV security code) on the point-of-sale systems used at the Battery Street and Bohannon Drive locations. Payment card information for customers that made a payment card transaction between January 4, 2015, and May 20, 2015, at the Battery Street location and between November 3, 2014, and February 13, 2015, at the Bohannon Drive location, may be at risk. At this time, there is no indication that the malware affected any of our other point-of-sale or network systems.

We take the privacy of personal information seriously, and deeply regrets that this incident occurred. We have taken steps to address this incident, including by (i) engaging outside forensic experts to assist us in investigating and remediating the situation, (ii) promptly rendering the malware inoperable, and (iii) replacing and reconfiguring various components of our point-of-sale systems. While we are continuing to review and enhance our security measures, the incident has been contained.

We want to make customers aware of steps they can take to guard against fraud. At this time, we recommend that customers review their credit and debit card account statements as soon as possible in order to determine if there are any discrepancies or unusual activity listed. Customers should continue to monitor their statements for unusual activity going forward. If they see anything they do not understand or that looks suspicious, or if they suspect that any fraudulent transactions have taken place, they should call the bank that issued their credit or debit card immediately.

If you believe you may have been affected by this incident and have additional questions or concerns, you may contact us at 415-986-1892 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday, or via email at [email protected] Again, we are sorry that this incident occurred and for any worry it may cause our customers.

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